March 1, 2019

Common Developer Abbreviations / Terminology

Whether you're a non-tech or a seasoned veteran of the trade, you'll often hear developers talk of "YAGNI", "WYSIWYG", "DRY", and other such random terms. I hope to...


February 27, 2019

Developer Hacks - Aliases in Bash

If you've seen my YouTube series on building a Twitter Clone, which I also stream on, then you know that I use commands that are not "native" to the bash command line. To do this,...


February 19, 2019

Being a Developer in the "Modern Office"

3 key features to every office nowadays. The idea is that encouraging employees to engage with each other, and breaking down the barriers to do so will increase communication levels in the office....


February 15, 2019

Frameworks. What's the fuss all about?

Laravel, Symfony, Django, Angular, Vue.js, ASP.NET MVC. Frameworks you've no doubt seen, and potentially used before. But why do we use them? What positives do they offer? Is there a "bad...