February 11, 2019

Spaghetti Code - How and Why?

This week, I was handed a project. It was something that was outsourced way before my time at the company. The company that wrote, and maintained it, have now closed / been sold on. As such, I was...


January 10, 2019

PHP - Traits vs Interfaces

Once you get into writing more OOP PHP, you'll find the term "trait" and "interface" thrown around a lot. What are they, and when should you be using each of them? Previously,...


January 7, 2019

Moving From Bitbucket To GitHub

I recently moved all my source code, from Atlassian's BitBucket, over to GitHub. BitBucket, is a free service, and GitHub is paid. Why did I do this? More importantly, how? Source Control, and Git,...


January 6, 2019

Managing Filters in Laravel

Filtering your Models in Laravel is a common question, and often comes with a lot of "enthusiasm" from each side. Do you filter in your; Controller? Model? A Trait? Some service? All have...