Over the last few years (since early 2019) I've tried to post on this blog regularly to keep my mind alert and to act as a "personal journal" of things I've done, projects i've worked on, or even some little techniques / packages I've discovered.

There was a distinctive break in my posts between Jan 2022 and summer 2023. Mainly due to a lot of changes in my personal life - however since then I've done my utmost to get back into gear and post once more; even if it's just a few lines here or there

If you have any ideas or requests for subject matter, you can always reach out to me via my contact page.

July 3, 2020

Windows or Mac / Linux - Which is better for Laravel?

For decades developers have argued over tabs and spaces. But if you're building a Laravel application, should you use Windows? MacOS? Linux?


July 1, 2020

From Employee To Contractor - How I did it

I've been silent for a while in terms of blogs - this might give you a hint as to why 😉 I now work for myself full time! Here's how I went from being a full-time in-house developer, to walking the freelance / contracting plank.


April 12, 2020

Route Model Binding in Laravel

Route Model Binding in Laravel is incredibly powerful, and a key skill in any PHP Developer's set. You can quickly build dynamic routes and pull data from the database with some simple type hints.


March 18, 2020

Remote Working Tips With Corona Virus And COVID-19

With the majority of the world on lockdown working remotely / from home is now a default stance for the majority of businesses that can support it. How can you make the most of this?


February 14, 2020

Fall in love with PHP again. Let Laravel be your Valentine

PHP in 2020 has a bad reputation. Should I learn PHP? Is PHP relevant? Why learn PHP? What is Laravel? PHP powers a large proportion of the web, and will never disappear.