January 10, 2020

Writing Clean Skinny Controllers in Laravel using the '__invoke()' method

Laravel is all about writing clean, minimal code, that does a lot and is easy to maintain. Often this means that controllers get bloated with methods of endpoints all


January 1, 2020

2020 - New Year, New Decade - New Approach?

2019 is coming to an end pretty soon. What have I got planned for 2020? Well..!


December 31, 2019

Why do developers hate everyone else's work?

Do you developers hate working with one client? Dislike a particular project? Slow to get results on a specific integration? Here's why


October 28, 2019

Top 5 Common Issues When Using Laravel

Setting your application key, running your migrations, turning off maintenance mode. Some of the most common issues faced in Laravel. TRIGGER WARNING 😡


September 1, 2019

Scraping / Scripting a Web Page using Laravel Dusk

Using Laravel's Dusk package, we can scrape data from a website. Similar to that of Selenium, or a Web Spider. Using a recent experience for a Hackathon, I'll guide you through my approach to this process and how it works