June 6, 2019

Testing a PHP/Laravel Application

Love it or hate it, testing is a necessary evil. It proves that your application works as intended and hopefully covers off any "unwanted features" slipping in. With the recent rise in TDD,...


June 3, 2019

Why Developers Leave

Had a Developer leave? Notice handed in? Worried someone is going to walk out? Here's a list of common reasons developers leave their job. Developers are a complex breed of human. We're often lacking...


May 30, 2019

What level Developer are you?

Junior? Mid? Senior? Lead? How do you become a Senior? There's no path you can take to get there. But here's some tips on what each level requires. I'm going to give a break down of my interpretation...


May 28, 2019

What is Technical Debt?

Every person in IT / Tech has experienced it. We've all contributed to it as well. But what is Technical Debt? How exactly does it come about, and how can it be addressed? According to the...


May 23, 2019

Staying Motivated as a Developer

Technology is moving at a speed never seen before. We're making incredible breakthroughs almost every day it seems. Along with that comes a new breed of developers, engineers, and architects. What...