Over the last few years (since early 2019) I've tried to post on this blog regularly to keep my mind alert and to act as a "personal journal" of things I've done, projects i've worked on, or even some little techniques / packages I've discovered.

There was a distinctive break in my posts between Jan 2022 and summer 2023. Mainly due to a lot of changes in my personal life - however since then I've done my utmost to get back into gear and post once more; even if it's just a few lines here or there

If you have any ideas or requests for subject matter, you can always reach out to me via my contact page.

February 11, 2019

Spaghetti Code - How and Why?

This week, I was handed a project. It was something that was outsourced way before my time at the company. The company that wrote, and maintained it, have now closed / been sold on. As such, I was...


January 10, 2019

PHP - Traits vs Interfaces

Once you get into writing more OOP PHP, you'll find the term "trait" and "interface" thrown around a lot. What are they, and when should you be using each of them? Previously, most developers would...


January 7, 2019

Moving From Bitbucket To GitHub

I recently moved all my source code, from Atlassian's BitBucket, over to GitHub. BitBucket, is a free service, and GitHub is paid. Why did I do this? More importantly, how? Source Control, and Git,...


January 6, 2019

Managing Filters in Laravel

Filtering your Models in Laravel is a common question, and often comes with a lot of "enthusiasm" from each side. Do you filter in your; Controller? Model? A Trait? Some service? All have their...