July 8, 2019

JSON APIs with Laravel: Part 1 - Learning the Ropes

Most of a server-side / back-end developer's role will involve integrating with, or serving up APIs. In this short series, we're going to make our own very basic JSON API using Laravel. I'm not sure...


July 2, 2019

IDEs are better than Text Editors. Here's why!

My examples will be using PHPStorm, and IDE built by the great people of JetBrains. This is not a sponsored piece, however if you're reading this JetBrains - hit me up 😉 IDE vs Text Editor. VSCode...


June 23, 2019

Setting Up My Own Company

How do you go about setting up your own company? Making money? What about tax? Balancing freelance with full time work? I've been through all this, and more over the last months. This month I took...


June 18, 2019

Translating Developer Talk

API, REST, Integration, debugging, the list goes on. What are your developers on about? How come a simple button takes so long to make? There's something being lost in translation, and we're going to...


June 12, 2019

Laravel UK 2019 - Day 2

If you haven't already, check out my notes on Day 1 of Laravel Live UK here. I will be referencing some points made in those talks here. Day 2 has arrived! After a rather sleepless night in my hotel...