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A Note to Recruiters from an Employer

Oliver Sarfas • January 26, 2020

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If you've not already, I'd recommend reading A Note to Recruiters from a Developer before this

Recruiters - How to Secure and Retain Corporate Clients

As mentioned in the previous post, I get countless Recruiters, Agencies, and freelancers approach me for roles as a Developer. However, on the flip side of that, I also get people contact me as a business owner trying to secure me as a client.

Personally, I'm not interested in the proposals. CleverEgg isn't in a position where we need to outsource anything just yet. However, if we were to and I involved in this - do the following, and you'll be sorted ⭐

When to approach

All businesses have their "Business As Usual" days, and a standard "staff allocation" to make sure that the day's work is done.

When scoping for potential clients, please take the time to learn a little about the business.

Putting in an extra 4-5 minutes on a prospect before contacting them can make a whole world of difference with your first impression.

Armed with a little information your prospect can feel comfortable that you'll give the candidates and vacancies the same attention and pride that you did when onboarding them.

What to approach with

Please, for the love all that is Holy and right - do not approach someone that you've never connected or spoken to before with a bank of candidates.

If another email drops into my inbox that reads along the following, I can only apologise to the recipient of my "professional and perfectly worded response" (/s)

Hi Oliver,

My name is {NAME} and I work for {Some Recruitment Agency}.

We've got some great candidates that are edging to get a new role and I think they're a great fit for CleverEgg.

I can't disclose their names right now, but here's a list of their key skills.

  • spelling errors in half of the technical proficiencies
  • programming languages you don't use
  • software that none of your clients use, and do not plan on it
  • locations that are WAY beyond working for us
  • no salary expectations How am I meant to budget this..?

Once again. Do your research.

If you're going to approach a company, know that your enquiry needs to be relevant to the business.

Instead of going at them with everything you've got, explain how outsourcing recruitment is a mutual benefit and it'll better their business.

If you're just going to hard sell, you're going to alienate 99% of your audience.

It's far easier to sell something once a client tells you what they want, instead making assumptions.

Retaining the Relationship

Great. You've got the client on board and they're looking through your candidates regularly 🎉 Well done!

Now nurture that relationship so that it can continue and work for everyone involved.

What if I lose them? They say no?

🐟 Plenty more out there.

There are businesses all over the country, and worldwide, that are currently not using recruitment services.

If you're able to, and this goes for your treating your candidates as well; get feedback.

Ask the Client, I respect your decision to no longer work together to aid your recruitment needs, would it be possible to share why the business has taken this decision? We'd like to learn from this and better our business and practises for the future


Information is great, but communication is King 👑

Don't force communication. Let it come naturally. If you're going out fishing for clients, make sure that the waters are settled and there's fish around.

Don't go trout fishing with shark bait.

Know your potential clients before they know you, and you'll find people are more welcoming.

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